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"...To be or not to be", is a well worn philosophical question posed by Hamlet, however, a better question for our time is, "... To Rock or not to Rock in 2021" ... Now that's the real question!


" ... To Be or Not to Be ..." a 2021 perspective! ... Continued - Pt3

Steve Facer
Jan 15 3 minutes read

so, picking up from Part 2,  how-bout we just "think" some really impactful  Who, What, Where, When and How thoughts to stimulate our minds, thoughts like:  

  • Who do I need in my corner to hit my 2021 business and personal goals?
  • Who am is surrounding myself with - who am I modeling?
  • Who is leading, inspiring me - formally and informally?
  • Where will I find inspiration when things get tough and my business is weighing me down?
  • Who can I count on to model the way for me?
  • What will it take for me to off load the busy work so I can focus on the best and most valuable use of my time?
  • How can I get more trips to the plate ... work with more real buyers and sellers?
  • How can I better leverage my broker for the support I need?
  • When will I identify or organize a support group of peers with whom I share common goals, where we will encourage, push and prod each other to "Make-it-Happen"?

Okay, I confess ... this is a shameless plea for you to jump into the FREE Love Local coaching and agent productivity program, where imaginations like those above become realities!

I've noticed that sustained high performance isn't and individual endeavor; our highest and most admired achievers in any discipline, i.e. business, music, arts, entertainment, sports and family don't do it alone - we shouldn't attempt it either!

In addition to the acknowledged "mentors" we adopt, we all need that situational, "playground" leadership that comes from influencers we choose to surround us; and, who situationally seize the moment, model the way and thereby inspire, lift and challenge us to new levels of achievement; and, the beauty of it all is we too get to inspire others from time to time as we model the way by seizing the moment and making a play when our teammates really need someone to set up! 

Trust me - we will all accomplish more when we surround ourselves with the right people, people who assist and lift us; people who share their technical insights, offer support, provide inspiration and the accountability that is essential for us to enjoy continuous improvement and goal achievement!

Finally, in the words of Yoda, " ... Do, or Do Not - there is no try"!  ( 

OK then, "will-you" identify and solicit the support you need to go from Good to Great and Rock in 2021? 

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